Transclucence, Luminescence, and Shadow in art

The use of light and shadow in Christian Boltanski and Shimon Attie’s work adds a haunting quality for the viewer. Both artists convey the subject matter of memory, death, and afterlife with a subtlety and grace. Boltanski’s use of candlelight adds a warmth, whereas the on-site projections of Attie’s changes the viewers experience of each place.

Christian Boltanski:

Shimon Attie:

Appreciating Joseph Cornell

I was sitting in my living room today, looking through a book of collage artists, and I remembered my love for Joseph Cornell.  His combinations of collections bring you to another place, evoking memories through the simple placement of objects. Sometimes, there’s less of an emotive response, and it is more of a repetition of objects that creates a pattern, which is pleasing in a different way. All-in-all, one of my favorite artists.

Animation done differently

I was shown this video in an animation class. William Kentridge uses animation in a very different way, incorporating himself in the videos at times. I have never seen anything quite like it. Very exciting to see animation brought to this level.


William Kentridge

Writer’s block, Artist’s block

Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing, for example Eat, Pray, Love, can seem somewhat cheesy, however, I so admire any woman who can venture out on their own. It takes such courage to be alone. It can feel vulnerable at times (especially when alone in the quiet, natural world) but it is so important for a person’s head-space.

On a separate note, Gilbert being a writer, did this Ted talk on creativity that I found helpful during times of artist’s-block. It is likely her willingness to be alone that allows her such moments of clarity.

Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity

Artists Who Collect/Use Found Imagery

Here are some Artists Who Collect.

I have been trying to think about collections in my recent work. Image below by Joseph Cornell taken from another blog. I love the internet.

And, believe it or not, Andy Warhol was a collector – sample of his collection in image below. Read more here.

Ooohh, and check out these lovely works by Lupus Garrett using found photos.