Artists Who Collect/Use Found Imagery

Here are some Artists Who Collect.

With encouragement from my professor, trying to think about these things in my recent work. Image below by Joseph Cornell taken from another blog. I love the internet.

And, believe it or not, Andy Warhol was a collector – sample of his collection in image below. Read more here.

Ooohh, and check out these lovely works by Lupus Garrett using found photos.



Vivian Maier

Just saw the show at the Chicago Cultural Center. Well worth seeing – breathtaking. She is one of the masters. I can’t stop looking at her images – they are unbelievably good.

Jonas Bendiksen

Haven’t yet found a photographer I like better than Jonas Bendiksen.

Motoi Yamamoto


Material used to make labyrinth above: salt.

Motoi Yamamoto

Patrick Leger, Illustrator

Patrick Leger

Beautiful Simple Illustrations: