Vivian Maier

Saw this show a while back at the Chicago Cultural Center. Breathtaking. Vivian Maier is one of the masters. I can’t stop looking at her images – they are unbelievably good. For me, it is the framing and composition that is most striking, as well as placement of the hands of her subjects.


Jonas Bendiksen

Jonas Bendiksen.

Each photographer has their own qualities and no one photographer possesses every technique, but the magic in some of Bendiksen’s images, and then the realness in others, shows the wide scope of his talent.

In the first image below, there is a remnant of a fallen satellite in Russia. Thus, the name of this particular exhibit, Satellites.


Takashi Iwasaki

Embroidery used in a playful way here by Takashi Iwasaki. This work almost resembles animation.

The use of thread and fabric in art has such a longstanding history. I enjoy using thread in my own work because of this history in America, in particular, the connection to groups of women quilting together. Women gathering in this way is, in my mind, was a beginning to feminist movements. The gathering gave women strength at a time when they played a roll in the family that was lower on the totem pole. So to me, the thread embodies strength as a symbol.

Takashi Iwasaki

Motoi Yamamoto


Material used to make labyrinth above: salt.

Motoi Yamamoto

Patrick Leger, Illustrator

Patrick Leger

Beautiful Simple Illustrations:

Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier – brilliant, newly discovered street photographer.

Read the blog from the man who is archiving her work.